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15 Tips To Get More Engagement On Social Media

Social media is fundamentally about engaging with other people. It therefore follows that the fewer people a company or brand has following it on social media, the less benefit there is to be derived from engagement. This applies to any business, regardless of the size, type, or niche.

That said, even if we know engagement is a crucial part of a social media marketing strategy, gaining the desired levels can be tricky. In light of this, here are some tips to increase engagement on the different platforms.

1. Strategy

Having a solid plan, objectives, and goals are imperative when jumpstarting a social media strategy. If marketers don’t know what their brand or company wants, how are they supposed to achieve it? Not to mention, its impossible to measure success or evolve a strategy over time if there aren’t clear goals to begin with.

2. Images & visuals

It is important to remember that social media is an aesthetic experience. Videos and images are typically more inviting to viewers and spike engagement, capturing more attention when scrolling through newsfeeds than just plain text. For instance, tweets that include images tend to gain 150% more retweets than tweets that don’t include them.

3. Post regularly

To increase social media engagement, a company or brand needs to post regularly on its pages.

4. Post at the right times

The importance of timing in posts in increasing social media engagement is often underestimated. Find out when its followers are most likely to be online and then schedule posts accordingly. The goal is to have users see the posts and possibly like, comment, or share, driving further engagement and increasing exposure.

5. Know the audience

Who are the customers? What are their interests? Would they prefer videos, blog content, or image posts? A company should focus on creating content its customers gravitate towards and enjoy.

6. Hashtags

Based on how they are used, hashtags can dramatically increase social media engagement. While posts may already reach existing followers, hashtags help to engage people who aren’t already followers. Using relevant and trending hashtags in Instagram and Twitter posts increases exposure and improves the chances of users finding a company or brand’s content.

7. Giveaways

Another excellent way to increase social media engagement is by hosting a giveaway contest. This tactic drives engagement mainly because people stand a chance of receiving something. These sorts of strategies drive up current engagement and often lead to further engagement in the future.

8. Savable content

“Savable content” is anything a company knows its audience will want to read back again at a later point in time and is a great way to cultivate engagement. Think about what’s important to the audience and what will they find value in. This can be anything from an infographic to funny memes or quotes that will resonate.

9. Live content

The introduction of Instagram Live and Facebook Live provide new options to increase brand engagement on social media, creating the opportunity to engage audiences on a real-time basis. For instance, companies or brands can live stream a launch event, a milestone celebration, or an important industry event.

10. Topics

Jumping on big, current trends, enables a company or brand to instantly connect with its audience, as the audience is likely familiar with these topics already. Current trends can include things like trending hashtags, sporting events, pop culture news and holidays.

11. Questions

Ask customers for their opinion, and they’ll be happy to give it and share their thoughts about a brand or a product.

12. Customer care

A good customer support service is an indispensable value addition to regular services and products. A customer who has a great customer support experience becomes a marketer to their acquaintances. A brand or company can generate more traffic by simply taking care of its existing customers.

13. Transparency

Regardless of the size of a business, social media platforms are the first line of public relations. It is vital to be responsive and respectful of both positive and negative comments. Replying to comments, shows consumers that their opinions matter and demonstrates a desire to strengthen these relationships.

14. Social selling

While the end goal may be to increase sales, avoid being blatant about the promotion of goods on social media. Instead, try utilising a concept called social selling. Instead of focusing on the commercial relationship, social selling focuses efforts on building strong overall relationships with consumers. Much like strong customer support, forming positive relationships on this basis is a means of creating ambassadors for the brand and driving revenue down the line.

15. Influencers

Word of mouth is a vital marketing tactic in 2020. Since more and more people are using social media, more feedback, comments, or referrals will circulate online. One way to create a buzz in any social media platform is through social media influencer marketing. Two options are available: monetise the brand Instagram account by being an influencer in its niche, or collaborate with like-minded influencers who align with the brand’s principles. Influencers who have a large following will create more marketing mileage for a brand.

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