Niatran Invest

Established in 2010 in Barcelona, NIATRAN INVEST is a digital investment company specialized in investing in innovative digital companies with an international orientation. It is held and managed by its founders. Since its launch, NIATRAN INVEST has not stop financing growing companies in the digital economy and the new technologies sectors.

NIATRAN INVEST founders are all entrepreneurs who have known, brilliantly, all the stages of  a company life cycle: creation, development, receivership, sale or initial public offering.
In 2010, the founders of NIATRAN INVEST have launched their own investment company with the vision to take advantage of their experience and their professional network and to share it with other entrepreneurs.

To create their website and its content they contacted Laura Jouve, digital project manager freelance based in Barcelona.

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  • Niatran Invest SL
  • 8 January 2018
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